IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Please contact Dr. Muehlenbein (Michael_muehlenbein@baylor.edu) immediately for exciting post-doctoral fellow and PhD student opportunities working on a variety of combined field and lab projects in evolutionary medicine and One Health.  Post-doctoral fellow positions begin at $47,500/year with full benefits, and are renewable for up to three years (preferred).  We anticipate a start date of June 1, 2020.  For PhD students, positions begin at $24,000/year for five years, with matriculation in August, 2020.  Please email ASAP, as these positions will be filled quickly.

Welcome to the Muehlenbein laboratory at Baylor University! We are a group of biological and evolutionary anthropologists interested in a variety of research subjects, including evolutionary endocrinology, ecological immunology, reproductive ecology, human life history evolution, behavioral endocrinology, travel medicine, and emerging infectious diseases.