Basics in Human Evolution

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Basics in Human Evolution offers a broad view of human evolutionary biology, approaching diverse materials from a variety of perspectives, and introducing readers to thought leaders in human evolution research.

An impressive list of 48 authors and 39 chapters organized into seven different sections, positions this book as the most complete reference of its kind. Detailed chapters cover topics on evolutionary theory, primate evolution, hominin evolution, genotypic and phenotypic variation, health, behavior, and culture. The book provides a general reference to a wide audience of students and professionals interested in anthropology, human biology, human evolution, and health and behavior.

Key features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the wide-ranging field of human evolution
  • Accessibly written contributions that appeal to a variety of readers
  • Expertise from leading minds in the field

Part I Positioning Human Evolution
1. Basic Evolutionary Theory
Douglas J. Futuyma
2. Evolution, Creationism, and Intelligent Design
Andrew J. Petto
Part II Primates
3. Primate Evolution
Robert D. Martin
4. Comparative Anatomy of Primates
Rui Diogo, Magdalena N. Muchlinski and Adam Hartstone-Rose
5. Primate Behavior
David P. Watts
6. Primate Models for Human Evolution
Robert W. Sussman and Donna Hart
Part III Hominins
7. Early Hominin Ecology
Jeanne Sept
8. Bipedalism
Kevin D. Hunt
9. Early Hominins
Kevin D. Hunt
10. Australopithecines
Carol V. Ward
11. Early Pleistocene Homo
Scott W. Simpson
12. Archaic Homo
James C.M. Ahern
13. Anatomically Modern Homo sapiens
Brigitte M. Holt
14. Evolution of Tool Use
Nicholas Toth and Kathy Schick
Part IV Genetics and Biology
15. Contemporary Human Genetic Variation
John H. Relethford
16. Human Population Movements: A Genetic Perspective
Oscar Lao and Manfred Kayser
17. Brain Evolution
Ralph L. Holloway
18. Physiological Adaptations to Environmental Stressors
William R. Leonard
19. Evolution of Skin Color
Peter M. Elias and Mary L. Williams
20. Human Growth and Development
Barry Bogin
21. Human Reproductive Ecology
Claudia R. Valeggia and Alejandra Núñez-de la Mora
22. Human Senescence
Lynnette L. Sievert
23. Hunter-Gatherers
Michael A. Little and Mark A. Blumler
24. Pastoralism
Michael A. Little
25. Agriculturalism
Mark A. Blumler
Part VI Health
26. Evolutionary and Developmental Origins of Chronic Disease
Felicia M. Low, Peter D. Gluckman and Mark A. Hanson
27. Modernization and Disease
William W. Dressler
28. Modern Human Diet
Andrea S. Wiley
29. Diversity and Origins of Human Infectious Diseases
Serge Morand
30. Coevolution of Humans and Pathogens
Lisa Sattenspiel
31. Paleopathology
Della C. Cook
Part VII Behavior and Culture
32. Evolutionary Biology of Human Stress
Carol M. Worthman
33. Aggression, Affiliation, and Parenting
Mark V. Flinn
34. Human Mating Systems
Steven W. Gangestad and Nicholas M. Grebe
35. Evolution of Cognition
Jennifer Vonk and Chinmay Aradhye
36. Evolution of Language
Philip Lieberman
37. Evolution of Moral Systems
Douglas Allchin
38. Race and Ethnicity
Catherine Bliss